The logotype is flexible and have its solo typographic variation, its icon should adaptable throughout all the applications and must be versatile in different formats and inks. Therefore we achieve an image that doesn't limit us and a responsive, adaptable and dynamic logo.


logo8 logo5



A friendly and warm typography, due to its rounded ends and being used in lowercase. Visually it makes the brand lighter, and does not create a structured order, showing a neutral and accessible personality, a brand that is renewed and refreshed. The octagon element, part of the symbol (parasol) is a also typographical icon that can be used as a tab or bullet point. An element used for listings and informational texts that requires a synthesis of the logo.

uses of the logo

The main colors are blue, green and orange – colors associated to Istria. Ideally, each color should be associated and used for a service, activity and/or related to an experience that the color evokes, such as blue to health tourism or water activities. As a secondary color, for corporate stationery and web, a yellow has been chosen, but it is an auxiliary color.  The blue is beachy, young, cheerful and summery, elegant, vibrant and has a maritime feel to it. The orange comes from a gamma of red oranges. It is very cheerful and current, and has that sunset tone instead of the fruit. The yellow is energetic and has that tone evoking sun that was asked.

uses of the logo 4 colours

Besides the official representations, there are several ways to represent the brand, where the logo may or not be accompanied by the subtitle. The parasol icon can be represented alone and the logotype can be represented alone the patterns.

logo7 logo1



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