Pula is the biggest town of Istrian region, it is situated on the south-eastern part of the peninsula. lies on and beneath seven hills on the inner part of a wide gulf and a naturally well-protected port. With our Istrian tour you will be able to see the most famous monuments and city architecture built by Romans as a copy of Rome.  The most famous is the amphitheatre Arena, which is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC – 68 AD and is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the World. A rare example among the 200 Roman surviving amphitheatres, it is also the best preserved ancient monument in Croatia. The arena of Pula was hosted gladiatorial contests in front of an audience of 20.000 spectators.

Other very important historical monuments of Pula are:

  • the little Roman Theatre
  • the Forum with the temple of August erected in 2BC.
  • the remaining of the temple of Diane nowadays incorporated into the city hall
  • the Thriumphant Arch of the Sergi erected in 27 BC.
  • the Twin gates -the Gate of Hercules with the city walls.
  • the church of St. Marie Formosa
  • the Mausoleum -the Cathedral
  • Venetian palaces
  • a French fortification in the centre and many Austro-Hungarian near the coast
  • the Archaeological Museum exhibits history to the middle ages

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