Epoca360 is a tourism and travel agency based in Novigrad, Croatia. We are a leading destination management company for tailored regional tourism in Istria and its surrounding area in Croatia, Slovenia and north-east Italy.

We also have relationships with a range of partners in your home countries who know you and your requirements; so working together we can create the perfect holiday experience, group adventure or business outing for you, your family and friends.

Please check below our partner list and find your local Epoca360 support for your needs.


Edinburg, Scotland
Are you based in Scotland and would like to get the best group travel experience to Croatia? You are at the right place and I’m the person who will help you get all you need to travel to this wonderful country!
Lund, Sweden
I'm cooperating with epoca360 on the group travelling organization for summer or winter holiday. If you are interested travelling to Croatia, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Merimasku, Finland
Based in Finland? Have a group to visit Croatia? Contact me, I can help you arrange all your trip to Croatia!
York, UK
If you have a group of people wondering to visit Croatia, contact me. I will help you arrange all you need to travel to Croatia and have the most spectacular holiday ever!
Marotta, Italia
Voglia di conoscere la Croazia? Contattate mi, saro' a Vostra disposizione

Become our partner

Become Our Partner

We are always looking to expand our network of professional partners. From one side we are looking to expand of range of services as are accommodation, activities, excursions and group tours; from the other side we are always searching for new partners around the globe who would like to offer Croatia as a tourism and travel destination.

If, like us, you care deeply about offering always to customers the perfect travel experience, get in touch with us.

Private accommodation owners, hotels, b&b, activities and excursion providers.

Private persons or tourism companies looking for a win to win partnership.

Partners Declarations

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.
We have countless wonder experiences waiting for you.


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