Deaf friendly tourism

Deaf friendly tourism (DF) is a project initiative that wants to adapt the traditional tourist offer to deaf guests.

An important point of the project is sensitize the society to deaf challenges during a communication with non-deaf people. To achieve that, we planned to involve community through educational workshops. In those lessons the audience will get to know the challenges deaf guests have during their holiday,  simulating deaf situations for them. It is important that local service providers know the obstacles deaf people are encountering during their holidays due to communication difficulties, and learn how to avoid those situations. Workshops will give as well, all needed information to know how to participate, support, and be part of DF project.

From the other side, the 80% of the project is based on the development of the first deaf friendly mobile application, aimed to:

  • improve and facilitate communication between tourism service providers (restaurants, bars, museums, gift shops..) and people with special needs, in this case deaf people;
  • help deaf guests connect easier between each other, sharing as well experiences and information about a specific tourist destination or service;
  • create a customized tourist guide for deaf  

Adapting the existing tourist content and improving the communication, will help deaf guest to be more accepted by the society and enjoy their deserved vacation without unecessary stress.

With the development of the DF tourism project we aim to:

  • Develop a particular form of tourism through which the tourist facilities would be available also to deaf people from Croatia and abroad.
  • Remove barriers, fear and existing misconception in our society to interact with impaired people.
  • Improve communication between people with hearing impairments and local community which would have positive effects on society as a whole.
  • Encourage the employment of deaf and hard of hearing people. With the arrival of the deaf and hard of hearing tourists will create the need for job creation for people with the same conditions.

Novigrad-Cittanova, has been selected as a pilot city to run this unique project for Croatia!

After the video is in place, starts the most challenging part of the project, the development of the first deaf friendly tourism mobile application.

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