In the period from 1st to 4th of October, tourist agency Epoca360 (the new brand of Epoca turizam) in association with Wellbe and Mrs Annica Gilbertsson, from EnergyManagement, organised a successful and colourful team building exercise for 15 members of Arkatay Company. It took place in a cosy workshop room above Novigrad’s library just few steps from the sea and the group enjoyed a short walk every day by the sea when having a lunch break in the hotel.

Arkatay teambuilding Croatia Novigrad 2015

After sorting out all the formalities, the group began their journey with a welcome drink in the small picturesque family hotel Torci18 situated behind the ancient city walls of Novigrad.

The starting point for developing the new concept for the brand design were the three values of Epoca turizam: Warranty, Experience and Joy. The end result is a corporate identity that has evolved, that is now current and renewed. It evokes kindness due to its pure lines and simplicity due to its shapes, without being boring. That cheerful and fun touch is given by the symbol of the company, synthesizing the parasol, which functions as an icon of the brand. It also strengthens the 360° concept by being a close and circle icon.  The simplicity and clean lines of the parasol result in an icon that isn’t too complex to the eye but, at the same time, not too simple or synthesized. Use of different line weights leaving the right amount of space to have air flow between the lines.


We remain the same great people with the same great services.

The main reasons of our rebrand is, first of all, to improve the way our clients rich us and chose our services With the new web is much easier to find out all what epoca360 offer as well as.... the booking process is much faster as we allow to book any service immediately over the web. The second reason is, for business proposals, as the new visual brand and web site allow us to expand our product range as well as opening new markets. We really want to make foreignness know about Novigrad, Istria and Croatia and spend here the best holiday time ever.



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